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Aya came from a small flock in South Africa that dispersed when she was 9 due to a plague outbreak similar to Ebola, and caused her family to venture flockless for a few years. They stuck together as a family working jobs where they could, begging if need be. She learned to survive on very little at a young age through working where she could, stealing food, and pickpocketing.

She was 15 when she met Jason at a party held in the basement of a local drug dealer. It was during a period that they both were in heat and they found each other irresistible. For four days. She became pregnant- she had sworn they had used protection, at least the first 6 times - but having had no other resources to have or get rid of a pregnancy, her parents pushed her to follow him and join his flock.

Two months before she laid her eggs, Jason died while out trading with another flock, shot by a human hunter.

His flock had taken Aya in by this point and expected she would stay to have their grandchildren. She was heartbroken by the loss, unable to function for a brief time in her grief, but seeing security in the flock, she chose to stay and hatch her children.

She never saw her son as a trouble maker. He was adventurous and independent, just as he should be in her eyes. However, the disruption he caused amongst a flock that was constantly on edge from the regular targeting they endured, caused a problem. She was a young mother trying to find her footing in the flock and get along with her children's grandparents and relatives despite their opinions of her; very much like a divorcee in the 1950's, there was a great deal of judgement despite her unpredicted circumstances. The entire adult flock discussed this in meeting. When it was advised that she send her child away, she resisted initially. The pressure persisted and Jason's mother assured her the flock had done it before to give these children a chance at living a better life and that it had worked so really, there was nothing to worry about. Aya never felt she had a voice in the flock of her children's father, which had always bothered her a great deal, developing into resentment after this push she gave into.

With her heart broken a second time, she struggled to stay functioning for a brief time. It was her other children who kept her going and would go to thrive in the flock. She was living on the charity of the flock since she didn't hold a job

The flock would continue to struggle to survive with disasters, predators, and disruptive dynamics. The more it dwindled over the years, she saw less support and safety, causing her to venture off on her own when it completely fell apart.

She had acquired skills of cooking and cleaning to assist with the flock so on her own she searched for such jobs. There were times she couldn't find work and did things she wasn't proud of to make it to the next place. She had lost her own family and couldn't locate them, possibly due to their perishing from the further spread of disease. So she pressed forward to search for her son she had betrayed so many years ago. The guilt ate her up every day after sending him away. For years she dreamt of finding him, but without the funds or resources to travel or access to technology to find him, she had been stuck. Aya never had a formal education, instead learned from her parents and siblings how to read and write. She could survive by doing what she had to, but she didn't know how to find a person in the world so it was a very long and slow process that took two years to locate her son. Twice she had found herself where he had been but was now gone.

It was pure stroke of luck that he was in the school that had an opening for a cafeteria lady. The majority of her application was a lie and her last dollars were spent on a respectable outfit for the interview so she would go two days without actual food until she had been told she had the job.


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